About video production

Why is video advertising effective?

Video is a communication device and can intensify the interest of potential customers towards the product. Video advertising helps consumers to understand your product.

We will create a 30 second video that will capture your audience's attention within 3 seconds to generate more leads at a low cost per lead.

The video design should complement your service/product; while amplifying your marketing campaign.

Need a video produced within a quick turnaround? We will produce your video within a quick turnaround of 7 days. Contact us now!

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Our video production process

Our comprehensively summarised video production strategy ensures a perfectly crafted video for your business.

Step One

Introductory Communication

1. You call, message us or submit a form for the video you require. We will return your initial communication.
2. We will then discuss your project and learn about your business.
3. We may ask you to fill out a new business questionnaire, in order for us to have explicit detailed information regarding your video & business needs.
4. We then compile all the data we've collected from you and Create an Itemized Needs Assessment.

Step Two

Plan Of Action

1. Our Team meets to discuss your needs and we commence mind-mapping ideas for the best possible Plan Of Action.
2. We will discuss the creative brief with your key stake holders after a preliminary rough draft statement of a finalised idea is created.
3. You help us refine the statement/brief of work to fit your EXACT needs.
4. We create a detailed statement of the project and you Approve It.
5. Unless your project is due for an imminent deadline, we will provide you with our standard prodution time-line.

Step Three

Concept and Approval

1. We begin mind-mapping a creative and engaging as possible solid concept.
2. We revise it and you approve of it.
3. Our Designers, writers and animators work with you to get the concept perfect and approved. 4. Our designated writers and/animators will write multiple scripts and choose the most compatible with the concept.

Step four


1. Once the script is finalised and completed, we will sketch up a storyboard that details the visuals of the video, scene by scene.
2. We will provide a voice over artist suited to the video and your brand.
3. We will animate your video.
4. We will edit it and provide the right sound design and sfx.
5. We will then do final touch ups, such cinematography etc.
6. Your finished video will be delivered to you as an HD MP4, which is compatible for Web/TV.

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Blockchain Start-up

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