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ML SEED is a blockchain platform built by developers to address the developers’ needs: speed, cost and complexity. ML SEED uses ML’s public blockchain that supports composable smart contracts, making it easy to build, deploy, and run high-performance applications. What’s more, ML SEED features a serverless environment with AWS integration to provide developers with both computation power and data access capabilities. Developers can build distributed applications focused on B2C scenarios in traditional industries such as healthcare, insurance, gaming, education in conjunction with blockchain technology.

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An immersive 3D 3 minute explainer video, targeted at developers and creating awareness of ML SEED. An environment that allows developers to build blockchain applications at a fractional cost and time.

Create an eye catching, High quality 3D explainer video with all features of ML SEED.

The design must have the start-up's brand colors, logo should be visible at all times and include a macbook showcasing diffent ML SEED features.

Production took a little under 28 days to complete.
Let's create something phenomenal together.

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