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Why branding matters?

Although we're not talking about it, your brand is constantly talking about you. At Architectural Manoeuvres, we can help you develop your communicative brand to build positive brand recognition and increase your company's sales.

We will help you create a more confident, modern and professional brand that connects and resonates with your audience.

The design has to be unique, bold and assertive. It should communicate to your audience that you are a winner in your industry.

The turnaround time to develop your CI, depending on your requirements, can take anywhere from 3-7 days to complete.

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Our design process

Our summarised comprehensive design strategy ensures a perfectly crafted visual identity for your business.

Step One

Introductory Communication

1. You call, message us or Submit a form for the service or product you require. We will return your initial communication.
2. We will then discuss your project and learn about your business.
3. We may ask you to fill out a new business questionnaire, this is to provide us with explicit detailed information regarding your needs.
4. We then compile all the data we've collected from you and create an Itemized Needs Assessment.

Step Two


1. Our team meets to discuss your needs and we commence mind-mapping ideas for the best possible Plan Of Action.
2. A Preliminary Rough Draft Statement of a finalised idea is created for Your Review.
3. You help Us refine the statement of work to fit your EXACT Needs.
4. We create a detailed statement of the project and you approve it.

Step Three


1. We create/illustrate and explain your custom design or campaign.
2. We revise and you approve your new design/refurbished brand.
3. Our designers work with you to get content approved.

Step four


1. Our project manager & creative team get assigned tasks and start on your new design and campaign
2. We keep you updated on your project with every novel milestone reached.
3. We complete the Design/Campagn.
4. We review with you your new Design/Campagn.
5. We make all necessary revisions you may request.
6. We complete a second (2nd) Client review with you and make all requested changes.
7. We finalize all aspects of the Design/Campaign.
8. You approve your new Design/Campaign.

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