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Your business has a brand. Not just a logo, but an entire set of impressions, thoughts and feelings that your customers relate to when they encounter your brand. Let's make sure these impressions are what you want them to be.

Video production

Our video production services include animation, motion graphics, live action, voice-over, sound design and editing.

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The difference between good design and great design is the attention to detail. We keep design simple and easy to understand.

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Online marketing

How can you get your brand to be recognised online by your target audience? Well, The answer is in the question.

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You want to be number 1 on Google? We don't promise that, but we do guarantee satisfactory results for your website.

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Web design

You think your outdated website design needs a face-lift. How about something modern? Yep, You are in the right place!

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Content strategy

Knowing what to post and when to post it, makes the difference in setting the tone for your brand's journey.

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About Us

We create videos, design, code & develop.

Architectural Manoeuvres was started because we were looking for a platform driven by art, design and technology. We couldn't find anything aligned to our vision on the market, So we did what any of us would do in a situation like this: we invented it ourselves.

The reason we care so much about digital advertising and technology is because we come from a background of freelancing in art, design, animation, technology and music. That's why it was important to us to create a different advertising agency that is not only self sustaining, but also produces products that are effective and communicate with your audience in an easy to understand, cool and fun way! We know that if you can have fun with your idea, your clients are more likely to receive it positively. That's all that matters to us, the positive results.

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Our Projects

Some of our
finest work.


Blockchain Start-up

Full Animated Video Ad

NFT Branding

Online Marketing, Content Strategy

Blockchain Start-up

Full 3D Explainer video


Branding, Website, User Interface

Children's Book

Full 2D & 3D animated Promo Video

Concept design

Branding, Billboard design, Social Media
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A robust package to get your business started.
  • 30 Second Video advert
  • 1 Page Responsive Website
  • 1 Logo
  • 1 Event/Product/Service Poster
  • 1 Social Media Post


Small Team, big goals.
  • 45 Second Video Advert
  • 3 Pages Responsive Website
  • 3 SEO Keywords
  • 5 Social Media Posters
  • 1 Logo Reveal Video


Large Team, Investors to impress.
  • 60 Second Video Advert
  • 5 Pages Responsive Website
  • 6 SEO Keywords
  • 8 Social Media Posters
  • 1 Logo Reveal Video
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We have provided graphic design, editing, 2D & 3D animation services; as well as having produced full scale HD video advertisements for these companies.

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